Seven of our youth were confirmed on Reformation Sunday.

As part of their preparation they wrote essays on what confirmation means to them.  We would like to share some of their reflections:  The students have formed deep friendships with their classmates as well as older teens.  They describe our congregation as a place where everyone is “sweet, friendly, supportive, and understanding.”  Relationships are very important, but they have also drawn theological conclusions from listening and learning.  They can articulate their faith, for example, “God is able to work miracles in our lives, he can protect and heal us and provide for our needs.”  “Faith can hold the pieces of your life together when it feels like it is falling apart.” And, “[Our] belief system will help you through tough obstacles that life will throw at you.”

They instinctively understand stewardship and they not only appreciate what has been done for them, but they are happy that they are mature enough now to be asked to help and they are ready to accept adult responsibilities.  They also understand who we are as the people of God at Calvary “Many people at Calvary have different beliefs about different things but our beliefs as Lutherans are what brings us together into one big happy family.” 

We are so proud that they are carrying on the legacy that was passed on to us by Martin Luther, Philip Melanchthon and other reformers, and all the generations of saints who have gone before us in the church.  We will continue as role models for them, but we also acknowledge that they are role models for us!          

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