Protocols for Indoor Worship
For the Congregation:
Please do not attend worship if you have not been feeling well or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. Upon entering your temperature will be taken and you will be asked to use hand sanitizer. Please attend the worship service you are assigned to as we cannot exceed the maximum number allowed for safety.
There will be no congregating in the narthex. The tables will be removed to maximize space and flow. While waiting to be seated by the usher, please keep 6 feet distance as marked on the floor.
Masks must always be worn, covering nose and mouth. Social distancing will be maintained. People may sit as individuals, couples, or family groups of no more than 3 in the areas marked by yellow or blue tape. The first large family group will be seated in the cry room. Please cooperate with the ushers.
Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes will be available. The building will be cleaned before the 9 am service. We will make sure Earl knows everything must be ready by 9 for the earlier service. Filters were replaced in the HVAC system according to guidelines. According to the CDC, oscillating fans(overhead or portable) should not be turned on.
The hymnals and cushions will be removed from the pews. After the 9 am service we will need volunteers to help wipe down the pews.
The presiders will begin and end the service from the chancel area, there will be no greeting at the door to minimize contact. Please take a bulletin and recycle it after worship.
Holy Communion will be on tables for distribution and the waste basket for disposal of the cups. Pastor will consecrate from behind the altar and then come forward for the distribution. Please maintain 6 feet distance.
Responses must be spoken in a whisper. Heidi will sing more than 12 feet away and follow all CDC guidelines for public singing.
The door and windows will be kept open for air flow. Please dress warmly according to the weather.
We will do our best to keep service time to the recommended 30-45 minutes.
If you need to use the restroom, please use the disinfecting wipes available to wipe down surfaces you touch.
Offering may be placed in the plate available upon entering or exiting.
Following worship, please exit as directed by the ushers and leave the building. If you wish to socialize outdoors, please wear masks and maintain social distance. Unfortunately, we cannot share in coffee hour.
Protocols for Sunday school will be sent separately. Thank you for your cooperation!
Although things must be different for the time being, we look forward to a meaningful and positive worship experience.

Thank you all for your cooperation. dedication and service to God and your church family at Calvary.