Exerpts from the Newsletter

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A message from Pastor Laurie:

We celebrated the gift of the Holy Spirit to the church on Pentecost, May 23. Now we are in the “Season after Pentecost.” Another way of referring to this long season is “Ordinary Time.” But life is never really ordinary, and if we remain alert, we can discern the presence of the Spirit in our lives.


During these days of “Ordinary Time” we have plans for four baptisms, 1st Holy Communion for two students, worship led by our young people, and the exciting and any-thing-but-ordinary process of calling your new permanent pastor.

During the month of May we have been enjoying outdoor worship on our beautiful property. This summer, if it should rain, we will hold worship inside since enough people are fully vaccinated and we will have enough room for any who attend. Since some of us like our children are not yet vaccinated, as well as several who are undergoing chemo-therapies, awaiting surgery, or immune-compromised, we will continue to wear masks inside. We err on the side of caution for the sake of those who are vulnerable. It has been a pleasure to sing the hymns together although singing, except for the cantor, is still not permitted indoors.


Our annual meeting, which was postponed from January, will be held after worship on June 6. It should be a brief meeting as the reports were submitted in January and will just be updated. The 2021 budget was approved by the council, as permitted by the Metropolitan New York Synod and the ELCA. We are looking for another person to serve on council, and we need two representatives for the Synod Assembly which will be held digitally August 20 and 21. Please prayerfully consider taking on one of those responsibilities so they can be approved at our meeting.

We offer our congratulations and best wishes for the future to all our graduates as they move on to new schools or vocational opportunities.


It has been a pleasure to see some new folks joining us at worship. We continue to pray and offer support for the many people on our prayer list. Some are awaiting surgery or in treatment for various health issues. We can each help Calvary to grow by attending worship in person whenever possible, inviting friends to come to Calvary, praying faithfully, and volunteering to help in the best way that fits with our ability. With prayers for the exciting days ahead,
Pastor Laurie

Heidi Schneider recently recorded her recital as part of her Doctor of Musical Arts Degree Program.  The full play list can be found at her YouTube channel


Thank you Heidi for sharing your musical gifts with us!