Summer Worship Protocol

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

It has been over three months since we last gathered for worship. It seems like much longer!  As I am sure you are aware, we are now permitted to gather following strict guidelines. We want to offer the opportunity to be together, but we are implementing this very slowly and carefully. Your safety is our top priority. We completely understand that some folks will not feel safe coming yet, and those who are at high risk should not attend. We would love to see you, but we do not want you to feel uncomfortable or take any risks.

Worship following Service of the Word format (no Eucharist) will commence on Sunday, June 28 at 10 am. We will meet outside om the Townline Rd side of the building where there is shade at that time of day.  Please bring a lawn chair and wear a mask (preferably cloth). We will have disposable masks and a few chairs available for those who do not have them. You must follow social distancing and sit 6 feet away (in all directions) from others.  Those who live in the same house may sit together but maintain 6 feet from others. Please always follow the guidance of the ushers.

Bulletins will be available for you to take when you arrive. Please take them home for recycling. You will note in the bulletin that no singing or spoken responses are permitted.  This is to avoid spreading aerosols through the air, the main source of contagion.

The Pastor, Assisting Minister and cantor will speak into mics from 12 feet away so we can speak without masks. We will be wearing masks before and after the service and always when less than 12 feet away. Pastor will wear a mask while distributing Holy Communion and will not speak to individuals.

Offering plates will be available to place your offering. Thank you so much for your continued support of Calvary!

Holy Communion will begin on Sunday, July 12. There will be tables set up to serve as an “altar.” The elements will be prepared by altar guild following all NYS Health and CDC requirements. Pastor will put on disposable gloves immediately before consecrating the elements. The ushers will guide you to come up, maintaining social distance between individuals or family groups that live in the same house. She will distribute the host from one side of the table while you are on the other side, maintaining as much distance as possible. Lower your mask immediately before receiving. Please cup your hands together so she can “drop” the wafer without touching your hand. Consume the host. You will then take a disposable cup of wine or grape juice which will be in trays. The cups will be placed away from each other. Consume the contents and immediately dispose of the glass in the receptacle provided. Replace your mask and return to your seat. Family members who live together may assist a loved one who has problems with mobility. Pastor will then dispose of her gloves. If there is any accidental contact, gloves will be replaced. Please be patient with one another as we adapt to this new reality.

Please be aware that attendance will be taken to have information for track and trace should someone become ill. Names and contact information will be requested from visitors.

Our music director and Pastor have designed Service of the Word and Service of Holy Communion to be much briefer, so our gathering time is shorter. You will be pleased to know that Bishop Egensteiner has instructed pastors to preach shorter sermons!


The door to the sanctuary will be open so you may enter to use the rest room if necessary. Please do not touch the handles, light switches (they will be left on) or any other hard surface except for the rest rooms. Disinfecting wipes will be available for your use in the rest room. The church will be cleaned before worship and we will clean the rest rooms afterward.


In case of rain, only those presiding – pastor, assisting minister, organist, cantor, and videographers – will come to church and record the service which will be available on the web site and Facebook. The live service will be recorded and will be available each Sunday for those who are not able to attend.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer coffee hour safely at this time. Please return to your cars following worship. You may converse while maintaining a distance of 6 feet.


Out of an abundance of caution we ask that you not attend if you have or have had in the previous few days a fever, and/or if you have any symptoms of illness other than the normal problems you may experience, such as mobility issues, joint pain, etc. Worship presiders, musicians, ushers, and attendance tracker will have their temperature checked and answer a few questions prior to worship.

Thank you so much for your cooperation. There are no people I would rather be with than our Calvary family as we enter this new phase of safe worship.


I am looking forward to gathering with you so we can praise and give thanks to God, albeit very quietly! In the name of Christ, God bless you.  Pastor Laurie