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Leadership Transition Announcement

August 2, 2023

[From Pastor Zach]:
Greetings Calvary community,
I write to you to share the news that Patricia MacKay Bombace has shared news of her retirement as Calvary’s Parish Secretary, effective October 27, 2023.
Lovingly known to us as Pat, she has been with Calvary for twelve years. During that time, she has been a steady hand in the office through two pastoral transitions and a global pandemic (and the changes those entailed!), leading Calvary’s administrative needs along the way. All throughout, she has maintained a heart for ministry and has been a welcoming presence for all who enter our building throughout the week.
During worship on Sunday, October 22, we will give thanks to God for Pat’s ministry of administration and holy hospitality as Calvary’s Parish Secretary. You are invited to contribute to a monetary gift for Pat to send her on her way.
Calvary’s Council and Personnel Committee are working on putting a plan in place to meet Calvary’s staffing needs as we navigate this transition. I look forward to updating the congregation on that end as we move forward.
For now, I invite you to give thanks to God for Pat’s twelve years of work with us, to hold her in prayer, and to pray for Calvary’s leadership as we navigate this transition.
God’s peace be with you all,
Pastor Zach ☩

[From Pat]:
Dear Pastor Zach and Members of Calvary,
The time has come to say farewell to my much-loved adopted family at Calvary and retire. I am so gratified to feel that Calvary is in the competent, inspired hands of Pastor Zach when I hand off the office computer to someone new. I look forward to hearing about the wonderful things in Calvary’s future mission to God’s people! I will truly miss you all so much, but I feel fortunate to reach the age where I can relinquish this work responsibility to take the time to be with my family and enjoy my home life to a greater extent.
At your request for three months’ notice, I offer October 27th as my last day, in the hope that you will find a replacement in time to give me an opportunity to impart some words of wisdom to that person and say goodbye to the Calvary family properly.
My twelve years at Calvary have been full of exciting events, something I might not have predicted at the outset! I have worked with six pastors and supported the congregation through a worldwide pandemic. Through it all, the leadership and congregation of Calvary has maintained your faithful, heartfelt expression of God’s Word among yourselves and in the community. You have taken care of each other so well during the easy and in the difficult times and I truly am proud to have been a small part of that realization of God’s love in this world.
Thank you so much for the support and prayers you have offered my family during our own trials and tribulations through the years. I especially raise up Bob Walter, Melanie Einsfeld and Jane Hafner as my own moral support committee! I look forward to seeing you all before my last day to reminisce and have a good laugh (and maybe a tear or two) reflecting on our years together.
God’s love and peace to you all,
Patricia MacKay Bombace
Parish Secretary, Calvary Lutheran Church (for just a little while longer)

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