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Calvary Installs a Second Deacon

On February 4, 2024, Calvary installed Bob Lewis as our second deacon. Joined by Deacons Dee Hacker and Lisa Spinazzola from Hope Lutheran Church in Selden, Deacon Tanya Behnke led the proclamation of Bob's new responsibilities!

Synodical Deacons have a letter of call that is renewed each year by the congregations they serve, and at Calvary's annual meeting on January 28, we called Bob Lewis to serve in the areas of visitation and worship (see the full description below). Knowing how impactful Deacon Tanya's work continues to be in the area of Christian education, we are excited to see how the Holy Spirit moves through Bob to continue building connections between those who gather for worship each week at Calvary and those who remain part of the congregation from home!

Description of Deacon Bob's Call

Bob will work with the Pastor, Council, and members of Calvary to maintain the connection between the congregation’s worship and those who receive pastoral visits. This call will involve Bob in two primary roles: visitation and worship.

On Sunday mornings, Bob will, when present, provide a spiritual atmosphere of readiness for all worship leaders, including acolytes, assisting ministers, and any guest leaders. Prior to the service, Bob will ensure everyone is prepared for worship to begin and help answer any questions that leaders might have. Bob himself will also regularly have a role in worship, occasionally leading the congregation in Service of the Word. Outside of Sunday mornings, Bob will maintain a presence on Calvary’s Worship & Music Committee.

From worship, Bob will assist the Pastor in bringing Holy Communion to those who receive visits, maintaining a schedule of visits, and communicating with Heavenly Hosts as to those who are in need of spiritual care.

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