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Exerpts from the Newsletter

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Summer Greetings
Summer, babies, architects, oh my!
Summer is always interesting for Church. In some ways, we slow down: Sunday School takes a break, worship is simplified, less meetings are held. In other ways, we ramp up: VBS is held, fall programming is planned, and dates are set on the calendar for future events. This year, Ana and I are being forced to totally stop by the arrival of new life, with new tasks, and a whole new person to get to know!
As we continue to give thanks for the ways this community helped us celebrate our new baby, I’m also reflecting on other “babies” in our midst: the baptism of Oliver John, Dcn. Bob’s grandson; the new members who joined Calvary, “babies” in the sense that there is much room for us all to grow in rela-tionship together; and the “babies” who received Holy Communion for the first time, who have a lifetime ahead of finding meaning in the sacrament.
Not only that, but there are other “baby” projects beginning to grow at Calvary. The Renovation Task Force, appointed at the annual meeting in January, sifted through bids from architects, one of which council has approved. Over the next couple months, our building will be assessed for needed im-provements, and design ideas will be put forward, culminating in a presentation to the congregation at some point to be determined.

That, plus planning for a new sign on Townline Road and a Little Free Pantry in collaboration with Temple Beth Chai, means new life all around us!
Summer is indeed interesting for Church, because God is always working through us. Ministry continues through Summer, indeed!
Looking ahead,
God’s peace,
Pastor Zach +

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