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Exerpts from the Newsletter

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Hello Calvary,
Happy New Year everyone!
Have you ever noticed that on the underside of New Year’s Resolutions, there is often something self-deprecating that has the capacity to make us feel like we’re not enough?
Here’s what I mean when it comes to some common resolutions: On the flip side of “I will exercise more” can be the idea that our body is not enough; “I’m going to live life to the fullest” could make us miss the gifts of our lives as they are right now; “I’m going to spend less money” might mean we have a sense of guilt around our spending.
Though it’s not the case for every resolution, be-hind many of them is this idea that we can somehow become better, more worthy, or self-reliant. I’m not against the idea of resolutions as a new year has begun, but it does become sticky if we rely on them as if our worth comes from them. We do this as individuals, as families, even as a congregation. We might ask, “What new thing could we be doing to reach more people and grow?” As if what we have isn’t already a gift!
With all that, here’s a resolution for all of us: This year, let’s go easier on ourselves. Because, when it comes down to it, our worth doesn’t come from anything that we do or don’t do, but from God who loves us because that’s what pleases God! Sure, it’s fun to do and try new things, and it’s nice to improve when and where we’re able, but let’s do that not because we have to, but because we get to.
If the Incarnation of Jesus teaches us anything, it’s that God was perfectly content to come among us not as some powerful king or ruler, but as one of us, alongside us, and with us. If we go easier on ourselves, we’ll discover just what it is God has loved about us all along. We might even have an epiphany!
Blessings to you in this year,
Pastor Zach ☩

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