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Exerpts from the Newsletter

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Fall Greetings,

After a quick August, I find myself asking what happened to September! The highlight of
Calvary’s September was our tremendous Rally Day, celebrating the cross on Calvary’s first Holy
Cross Day! One thing to draw your attention that hasn’t had the attention it deserves: We have a
seminarian! June Daniel-Bradshaw is in her first year at United Lutheran Seminary (Philadelphia
and Gettysburg), and she is rooted here on Long Island. I encourage you to get to know June and
to allow her to get to know you! 


What does a seminarian do?

There are multiple ways seminarians are involved in congregations. The capacity June serves in is called Field Education. This first step in a seminarian’s journey is about getting their toes wet: Seminarian June’s primary responsibilities are for the Sunday morning gathering of our community; she’ll be here most weeks! She’ll also have a few opportunities to teach, preach, and visit those members of the Calvary community at home.

Why does Calvary have a seminarian?

In 2021, Calvary became a United Partner congregation with the seminary. We support the seminary financially ($50 per month) and receive annual visits from a seminary faculty (during Advent). Partnership also keeps us in touch with the seminary news and education opportunities. Back in the spring, the topic of a seminarian came up in council, not knowing if we would be partnered with a student, so we took the leap of faith and applied!

Is a seminarian paid?
Field Education is an academic requirement that is not compensated, though the seminarian’s mileage is reimbursed. Seminarians are not compensated until they become full time leaders in congregations further along in their academic journey.

What does seminarian June have to say? 
“My first class started in August 2023 and it was a 2 1⁄2 weeks intensive course learning Greek! I thank God that amidst the terror of Greek, I still enjoyed the community that developed with my fellow  seminarians. I look forward to seeing where God is leading. My prayer is the verse of the song ‘Listen, God is Calling’. The verse reads ‘Help me to be faithful, standing steadfast, walking in your precepts, led by your Word.’” — Seminarian June.

 I give thanks to God for the way Calvary has welcomed Seminarian June, and for the ways we will learn from her as well. This is yet one learning opportunity we have together in our journey of discipleship!

Pastor Zach ☩

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