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Baptism is a joyous event! It involves water being poured over someone to become a Christian, surrounded by community and prayer. And every day of our lives, we return to the promise God makes with us in baptism: the forgiveness of sin and the hope of resurrection life.

Who can be baptized?
Baptism is for anyone who has not been baptized previously. Children and infants are brought by parents or guardians who promise to raise them in the faith. Older youth and adults come to baptism as a way of responding to God’s love for them shown in Jesus.

What if I’ve already been baptized?
Anyone is welcome to affirm their baptism at any time, and we can do so multiple times over the course of our lives! Baptism is God’s gift that keeps on giving. Young people affirm their baptism in the rite of confirmation, and the congregation has the opportunity to affirm their baptism multiple times throughout the year. Interested? Click the inquiry button above!

Are there requirements?
Older youth, teens, and adults should be in conversation with Pastor Zach about baptism, and worshiping at Calvary regularly. Infants and children of those who worship at Calvary are invited with their guardians to baptismal preparation gatherings. At the end of the day, the only requirement is a sincere desire to be baptized and an openness to how the Holy Spirit can bring you or your loved one into the fullness of Christian community!

When is baptism celebrated?
There are particular times throughout the year appropriate for baptism, but the sacrament always happens within the gathered community in worship. We mean it when we say baptism is all about community!

Is there a fee?
Absolutely not! God’s grace is a free gift. What does that mean?
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